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LOLA v1.4.2 is ready for distribution.

LOLA: LoLatency Audio Visual Streaming System
version 1.4.2
download latest Installation and user's manual
Tip: this manual contains all you need to know for proper software installation and usage, we suggest to take care in reading it.

In the 1.3.x LoLa version, the Hitachi KP-FD30M camera will work only in free run mode @60 fps and with some artifacts: you will see a small horizontal white line across the local window.
The same camera will work correctly @30 fps (with the same artifacts) with LoLa v1.4.1 and the new BifFlow's camera file but it will not work @60 fps.

The issue found with KP-FD30 Camera (without M suffix) has been completely solved. 

We really suggest to upgrade to this version. It has some quite important new features:

  • New in 1.4.2: RAW color correction (R/B) for Ximea cameras
  • New in 1.4.2: "receive audio test signal" menu added
  • support for HD and Full-HD image resolutions
  • full support for BitFlow SDK 5.90 (for analog and digital cameras) automatic BitFlow grabber and camera-file registration and configuration
    (with the precious help of the BitFlow team, SysReg is no longer required)
  • support for CXP cameras (tested cameras: Imperx B1410C and B1411C)
  • automatic CXP configuration for digital cameras through GenICam interface
    or direct memory access
  • full support for USB3-Vision Ximea xiQ cameras (tested camera: MQ013CG-E2)
  • DirectX accelerated video rendering
  • DirectX accelerated bilinear zoom interpolation
  • CPU/SIMD acceleration
  • new context menu for Local and Remote windows
  • new FullScreen option
  • automatic demosaicing for 8-bit Bayer encoded images
  • automatic RGB<->BGR color conversion for CXP cameras
  • Gpu-Cuda accelerated Jpeg compression/decompression (Lola "_Cuda" versions)
  • Local and Remote benchmark info overlaid on screen
  • BitFlow SDK version startup check
  • OS version startup check
  • Read/Write permissions startup check
  • audio buffer samples size check
  • Hardware and Software color correction
  • video recording (uncompressed or compressed output)
  • audio multichannel enabled by default (up to 10 chnls)
  • useful estimated TX bandwidth info (Lola AV Setup window)
  • bounce-back support for different local and remote video resolutions

Other changes:

  • compiled for x86 and x64 architectures
  • improved overall threads performance
  • improved overall video rendering performance
  • improved Jpeg compression performance (CPU-GPU)
  • various bug fixes

New Lola Tools:

  • Lola Video Converter
  • Lola Wav Splitter
  • Lola Network Tester

Starting from ver. 1.4.1, Lola also supports USB3-Vision cameras by Point Grey; to date we successfully tested the Grasshopper3 and Flea3 series.

Currently tested cameras are

  • Grasshopper3 series:
    GS3-U3-41C6C (Color camera) and GS3-U3-41C6M (Monochrome camera)
  • Flea3 series:
    FL3-U3-13S2C-CS (Color camera)

Starting from ver. 1.4.0, support for Windows XP is discontinued. Minimum OS requirements is Windows Vista with “SP2” and “Platform Update for Windows Vista”.


Other documentation
LOLA (and other userful tools) Wiki Pages



Lola_Manual_1.4.1.pdf 2.4 MB
Lola_Manual_1.4.0.pdf 2.4 MB
Lola_doc_v1.3.0.pdf 1.7 MB
Lola_Manual_1.4.2_rev_001.pdf 2.4 MB