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"INTRODUCING LOLA" Workshop 2012

An inside and hands-on look to a distance musical performance and education A/V streaming system.
Trieste, April 2-4, 2012, in collaboration with GARR and Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Government

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The workshop dedicated to music e-learning and performances using the LOLA system, has been hold from the 2 to the 4 of April 2012 in Trieste at the Tartini Music Conservatory, where LOLA has been developed. The workshop aimed to give an in-depth view of the system itself, its possibilities and challenges, with hands on sessions where interested participants tried the system themselves, and all other participants felt and saw it in action live!

This gave the participants a real feeling on how the system works, reproducing at the workshop their local "at home" latency conditions in the Tartini laboratory (e.g. reproducing what happens if you use LOLA between your site, and another collaborating institution somewhere else).

The workshop has been intended to gather a community of LOLA current and potential users, in order to start establishing a permanent production use of the system among interested isntitutions; this can also lead to common projects, and foster possible funding from various bodies.


Workshop Original Programme


Workshop Documentation: (presentations, video recordings, documents)


Claudio Allocchio, Nicola Buso, Carlo Drioli (LOLA developing Team)
The LOLA system: history, and a detailed insight view; technical, networking and artistic challenges and solutions.

Sven Ubik (Network CESNET, Czech Republic)
The MVTP-4k box and LOLA, a collaboration towards hi-end audio-video systems.

Thomas Solak (Royal Danish Academy of Music)
Legacy videoconferencing systems on “general internet” connections vs. a highly specialized system on research and education networks: pros, cons, and different experiences in distance music education.

John Chevers (DANTE)
The GÉANT Network: Enabling European Collaboration.

Jeremy Cox (Association Européenne des Conservatoires) (30 min)
The chance for a general coordination action and large scale optimization in the European music e-learning and e-performing scenario: the European musical academies perspective.

Athina Zampara (European Commission)
The new challenge for advanced networks: the EU Institutions point of view.

LOLA performing demo session:
Teresa Trevisan - Flavio Zaccaria, piano duo: works by J.S. Bach
Laura Agostinelli - Sebastiano Frattini, violin duo: B. Bartòk duets

LOLA extraordinary performance:
Mauro Maur - Françoise de Clossey, trumpet & piano duo: works by Rota, Morricone


The workshop was organized in collaboration with

The Italian Academic & Research Network


The Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia


Coordinamento regionale degli enti di ricerca



Welcome Office Friuli Venezia Giulia




Dimitros Adamos

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Juan Luis  Jiménez Tenorio

Universidad de Cádiz

Gill Davies

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Nelida Nedelcut

Academy of Music Gh.Dima

Vittoria Licari

Conservatorio di Brescia

Gordon McLeod

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Michael Strobelt

University of Tromso, Faculty of Fine Arts/Music Conservatory

Michal Kierzkowski

Academy of Music in Gdansk

Emma Smith

Janet UK

Sofia  Tsopani

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Ivar Frounberg

Norwegian Academy of Music

Sabine Roth

University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

Jan Trane Hansen

Royal Academy of Music

Outi Nissi

Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Katarzyna Kierzkowska

Academy of Music in Gdansk

Hermann Rothe

University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

Riitta Tötterström

Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Renate Kreil


Paolo Girol

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Miran Slobodjanac

UL, Academy of Music

Jeremy  Cox


Thomas Solak

Royal Danish Academy of Music

Sven Ubik


John Chevers


Enzo Valente

Consortium GARR

Bruno Carioti

Presidente Conferenza Direttori

Roberta Travaglini

ISMEZ - Presidente

Fabio Pagan


Antonina Dattolo

Università di Udine

Lucia Di Cecca

Conservatorio di Frosinone

Fernando Liello


Giorgio Giorgetti



For supplementary information mail to:

prof. Paolo Pachini (Conservatory's scientific team: paolo.pachini@conts.it)

dr. Claudio Allocchio (Garr's Technical team: claudio.allocchio@garr.it)