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International Cooperation

Academic Year 2014 - 15


Bilge Civril, Ankara (Turkey)   

       "I want to improve myself in piano skills and I wanted to study with international teachers. My first impression was that the teachers and students care a lot for me. I felt so well and comfortable with prof. Teresa Trevisan, Massimo Gon, Alessandro Paparo.I have learnt a lot about the piano technique  and music. The teachers are very well prepared.  They helped me also for my accompaniment skills. For sure I will suggest other piano students to come here, because the level of  the piano teachers is really high. The only negative things is that the Conservatory is  that the students without instrument at their home in Trieste can’t practice. Because the musicians need to practice every day!"


Idil Karabulut, Ankara (Turkey)

       "I didn’t know Trieste before my Erasmus here. Our Conservatory in Ankara has a contract with Conservatorio Tartini and as I wanted to study in Italy I came here. My first impression was how calm is the city and how much the people respect each other. It is so peaceful. I really enjoy that!  I had very strong and kind support  from  the teachers and students.  I had difficulty with the Italian course because the teacher spoke only in Italian but I believe that this  experience  will help me to improve my Italian in the future. I improved my singing skills with the great help of my teachers  prof. Rita Susovsky and prof. Rosalba Trevisan. My piano prof. Roberto Turrin is also very gentle. His suggestions helped me to get over some difficulties that I had."


Melis Balci, Ankara (Turkey)

      "I wanted to come and live in Italy. My first impressions were how different is the culture here and how beautiful is the Italian language. The support and help that I received on the first days when I arrived was necessary for me and really useful.  With the help and attention of the teachers and students I really felt very comfortable here. I am glad that I had opportunity to have free lessons of Italian language but the fact that we were too many made some difficulties for me. Prof. Rita Susovsky and prof.  Rosalba Trevisan undertood and helped me to resolve my problems. They  are responsible, they work  hard  and professional  with the students. After my time here  I will suggest the students to come to Conservatorio Tartini. I am sure that the city’s loveliness and calmness helps  to everybody to live through wonderful moments that brings inspirations for the future projects."


Daniela Petkoska, Ohrid (Macedonia)

     "I will start my story how I arrived in Trieste. The feeling for my coming was very stressful. I have been out of my country for some weeks, but I could not imagine tо live abroad before. My arrival in Trieste was hard and stressful, because my plane from Skopje late and I was so nervous because I knew that even this fact I need to  get Trieste in the afternoon. Also for the first time I had to use Italian in Italy ( just using my book) for  buy my ticket and inform me by myself. That was one of the most amazing days in my life. When I saw the beauty of the city and the nice building of the Conservatory ''Giuseppe Tartini'' I felt a big motivation to work and study, I saw my success. I am really thankful for all things that I have received. I was capable to learn all things, like to improve my English  and to learn quickly Italian. Because of that now I feel so good with all my colleagues and professors. In this way I can easy get new experiences. There is no problem anymore to understand  the lessons.  I am satisfied from all professors from the Conservatory. Especially from my professor of flute Giuseppina Mascheretti. I can say more for her because we spent a lot of time together. She is so open and really good to me.  We spoke about many themes and she helped me to resolve a lot of problems. She teachs me firstly how to behave as a professional musician. I attended many master classes in Venice and Milano from really famous Italian flutists and performers from over the world (Italy and other countries). Together with all teachers that I met here in Italy I have found solutions during the preparations of my graduation. The best part of my experience is that I really have progress in my profession like musician and performer. Also the professors that are responsible for the Erasmus students are really kind and polite. They helped me to go through the problems as I had as a  foreign student. I really appreciate all that they have done for me and I am so grateful for all. I would suggest other students to come in Trieste firstly because the city is calm and suitable for the student’s life. Perfect because you can have:  good time for yourself and many opportunities to progress your knowledge. I feel wonderful, full of experience after Erasmus Programme . That’s why I would  love to come back here again as an Erasmus student."


Linda Suschko, Salzburg (Austria)

     "For me it was clear that I want to go in Erasmus to Italy. I had a look at Mozarteum. It has three Italian partners and Conservatorio Tartini is one of them. Actually I didn’t know Trieste before and my motivation was to learn Italian language and to live close to sea. I wanted to leave abroad for longer period and in this way I met new friends, I saw different culture. I was really was surprised how beautiful is the city. I really didn’t expect it. Before my arriving here I find a flat and my roommate picked me up from the train station. We had a great time together. That was really a good start for my Eramsus period. I had really good support of our Erasmus coordinator. Prof. T. Trevisan is really kind and helpful. We had also a great teacher of Italian language. I have learned a lot of her. She spoke only in Italian during the lessons and this fact improved quickly our comprehension speaking. I have to say that the fact that we had Italian lessons three times a week also helped us to improve. Unfortunately the lessons started too late (in the end of March). In my first week I joined different lessons and it was really interesting. The teachers here are really open to the new students."


Tunca Ünder, Istanbul (Turkey)

       "I decided to come to Trieste because prof. Rita Susovsky  invited me to come here at the master class that she did in Istanbul.     I wanted to come to Italy for studying  opera singing but I didn’t know the city and Conservatorio Tartini before.My first impression was how beautiful is the building of the Conservatory, but the best impression that I’ve seen is how nice the teachers behave to the students. The quality of support is perfect.  Also I am satisfied of the Italian course. Concetta Pitta (the teacher of Italian language) spoke to us only in Italian and I really liked very much her way of teaching. The fact that learning the Italian language has improved my singing and acting skills. Prof. R. Susovsky and prof. R. Trevisan helped me a lot for that. I will suggest my friends to come here because Conservatorio Tartini and Trieste are beautiful and calm. It gave me a new point of view and inspirations to improve myself."