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International Cooperation


 Our institution boast a long experience in the Erasmus LLP programme having been among the first Italian Conservatories which had entered in 2002.

The role of lifelong learning is necessary for the development of the European citizenship’s sense based on understanding and respect for human rights and democracy, and encouraging tolerance and respect for other peoples and other cultures.

The main objectives pursued by the Trieste’s Conservatory from the beginning were:

- to strengthen the excellence, contributing to the development of the quality learning and promoting high performances, through innovation and the achievement of the European dimension.

- to improve the quality, attractiveness and accessibility of learning opportunities available in our institution. Making known our professionalism and creating mutually beneficial partnerships will allow open discussion and growth.

- to facilitate mobilities through some channels particularly collaborative, with particular attention to the East Europe and Austria, because of the specific location and the historical background of the city of Trieste.

The choice of our partners is generally performed on the basis of direct knowledge and also assessing the possibilities of dialogue and cooperation. Moreover we take into account any specific request of teachers and student and the ongoing projects.

Over the past five years the aim of increasing the number of institutional agreements has been pursued. At present there are more than 60 IIA active. This action has the express purpose of providing our students and faculty with more opportunities. Moreover it brings

 a greater visibility to our institution.


The increase in quality, which is accessible only through the comparison with different realities and the search of an intercultural dialogue, makes it essential the most vaste and specific knowledge of the schools in order to allow the identification of the place which could be the most suitable to the need of each student or teacher and to the programming of the Conservatory.

The Alpe Adria’s areas is the objects of our special attention because it is close and connected by Erasmus agreements and by additional MSN network as well, whose constitution was ratified in June 2012.


The MSN Music Study Network is a joint project among five musical institutions of high learning located respectively in the Friuli Venezia Giulia (Conservatory of Trieste ad Udine), in Trentino-Alto Adige (Bolzano Conservatory), in Austria (Klagenfurt Landeskonservatorium) and Slovenia (Ljubljana Music Academy University) that have the specific intent of establishing a closer cooperation in the field of the te

rtiary music education system.

The aims and advantages of the intended co-operations are:

- The facilitation and the enhancement of student exchanges among partners institution, in particular in the field of the master study programs (respectively the 2nd parts of diploma studies), including Erasmus exchanges agreements.

- The exchange of lectures, seminars and tutorials, including special fields of music

- The initialization of border-crossing joint ventures for music performance and music pedagogy, including the application for subsidies of the European Union.

       -The development of joint research projects in the fields of music performance, music development and m

usic pedagogy.

       - The founding of a network of libraries, media centres and other scientific resources.

 - The enlargement of the diversity of tertiary music study programs by using synergies, thereby supporting and enhancing the music culture of the Alpe Adria regions.

 - To create a particular module system in the near future for building up joint master study programs of an innovative

 type in co-operation with all the partner institutions.

 - The foundation of an interregional committee for further development of the intended cooperations.

The partner institutions intend to continue the round table talks in order to analyse possible cooperation fields to further develop the tertiary music education system in the southern Alpe Adria regions.