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International Cooperation


GaragErasmus is the first Network of the "Erasmus Generation" and a Foundation to promote innovation in production and cultural services in Europe.

 GaragErasmus is the first building block in the constitution of an Erasmus Generation network. The Network will start by forging an alliance of former Erasmus students who are now esteemed European professionals in numerous fields; and who owe their entry into the labour market, their professional qualifications and their united Europe oriented lifestyle to their study experience abroad.

GaragErasmus aims at contributing to build a truly united European society, able to create opportunities for innovation and development by taking advantage of the best professionals in the Network and promoting their entrepreneurship potential.
To pursue this objective GaragErasmus acts as an incubator for innovative projects applying new technologies to production and cultural sectors, adopting new public/private partnership modalities at European level and choosing an international approach.
The Foundation is independent and is not connected to any political party.