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International Cooperation

Transcript of Records (ToR)

Many institutions produce a transcript of records for each student at the end of each semester or year.
This is an important document for the student and institution. It ensures that students have an accurate and up-to-date record of their progress, the educational components they have taken, the number of ECTS credits they have achieved and the grades they have been awarded. The ECTS Transcript of Records is such a certification, in an agreed format. It is an important formal document, providing evidence of progress and recognition.

 Transcript of Records for mobile students

For mobile students, the home institution firstly issues the Transcript of Records and sends it to the host institution for each outgoing student before departure, to provide information about the educational components already completed, their level and the results obtained. Subsequently, the host institution issues another Transcript of Records for each incoming student and sends it to the home institution at the end of their period of study, in order to formally certify the work completed, the credits awarded, and the local grades received during the mobility period.
Since the Transcript is a vital document for recording the progress of all students and for recognising learning achievements, it is crucial to determine who is responsible for producing it, how it is issued and how it is delivered.
The standard Transcript of Records can be found on the following web page: