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Students and Courses

Registration procedures


International Students

EU and EU-Equated students

EU and EU-Equated students (independently of their place of residence), as well as non-EU students living in Italy on a regular stay permit, may enroll by directly submitting to Trieste Conservatoy their personal academic documents issued by their home institutions.
International students applying for bachelor degrees are requested to submit certified copies of original certificates of the highest level of education attained.
International students applying for master degrees are requested to submit the following documents:
a) the certificate of achieved foreign degree;
b) the transcript of records issued by a university (i.e. the official list of all the completed courses, including information about ECTS and grades)
c) the Diploma Supplement, attached to the degree or, if not available, the Dichiarazione di valore in loco, i.e.an official document that provides a short description of a given academic or professional qualification awarded by an institution located in a foreign country and belonging to an educational system different from the Italian one. It is issued by the competent Italian diplomatic authorities abroad, (e.g. the Italian Embassy/Consulate closest to the city or town where the awarding institution is located)

All foreign documents must be translated into Italian and legalised by the competent Italian diplomatic Authorities abroad Italian diplomatic Authorities.



Non-EU students outside Italy


Non-EU students living outside Italy have to submit their pre-applications to the competent Italian Embassies or Consulates; it is under the jurisdiction of the Italian diplomatic authorities to forward the applications and attached documents to the Italian institutions concerned.


The Italian diplomatic representative (i.e. Italian Embassy or Consulate) in a foreign country will have set a deadline for the pre-enrolment procedure, so it is advisable to be well informed before carrying out the application process.


A list of places is available for students on each degree course. These quotas are set annually by the Italian Government and can be consulted at the following link: http://afam.miur.it/studentistranieri