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Students and Courses

Learning facilities


The Conservatory offers specific services to assist the student during and after his/her academic experience.


Professors and advisors of the Student Office assist students in planning their own Plan of study and help them to resolve any issues they may have with a given discipline. In order to ensure this process, advisors are available to meet at given hours during the week.

The international office manage mobility of students, teaching and administrative staff, as well as the internationalisation area in general.




Tartini Conservatory joined the AlmaLaurea consortium in 2012.
All our students are invited, before their graduation, to submit their curricula to the Almalaurea databank. Curricula are published in Italian and in English. This is aimed at giving more opportunities to the Italian graduates to find a job abroad, since in this way they can get in touch with many foreign companies that use the services provided by AlmaLaurea to find qualified personnel among Italian graduates.

A service for curricula updating and implementation is available. Graduates can access their on-line curricula whenever they want to implement, update or modify them with new information, such as work experiences, postgraduate courses, master's degree courses etc.
A specific on-line service has the function to answer to job advertisements posted by companies on www.almalaurea.it by sending them the on-line curriculum immediately.

The study opportunities that are available after the Bachelor’s degree both in Italy and abroad can be consulted on-line within the master section of the web site. These study opportunities include: second level degree courses, postgraduate courses, specialisation schools, professional master's degree courses, PhD degree courses.

For more information about AlmaLaurea please visit www.almalaurea.it