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What African music can teach us about rhythm

"Live illustrations by the Gamako percussion group". Sala Tartini, ore 18.00. Ingresso libero.


Questo evento è realizzato dal Laboratorio Interdisciplinare della SISSA, in collaborazione con il Conservatorio Tartini.


Apertura - Prof. Vincent Torre (SISSA)

Introduzione - Prof. Jacques Mehler (SISSA)


Prof. Simha Arom*, lecturer, is a Director of Research at the National Centre for Scientific Research in Paris. He is responsible to the Department of Ethnomusicology within the Laboratory of Languages and Civilisations of Oral Traditions.


GAMAKO is a group of African musicians resident in Nantes, France. Their first meeting with Prof. Arom took place in June 1984, and gave rise to a mutually beneficial working relationship which has taken them on tours together.

The name GAMAKO is derived from their various countries of origin:
GA as in Gabon
MA as in Madagascar
KO as in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

The members of this present group are:
Nirina Hiar Rasoanaivo is from Madagascar. His talents as a teacher and musician, especially in Afro and Afro-Cuban percussion, have made him one of the most sought after percussionists in the region.
Boniface Dagry, born in the Ivory Coast, combines his academic studies with an active participation in dance and music. Apart from teaching African dance, he is acknowledged as a percussionist in various groups from Nantes.
Pierre Akaffou, also born in the Ivory Coast, is presently lecturing at the Language Faculty in Nantes. He is the founder of the group Oum Sosso which covers both traditional and modern music, and has been teaching African dance for five years.


* conferenza in inglese con traduzione simultanea


Ingresso libero con prenotazione telefonica c/o Portineria del Conservatorio dal giorno precedente la manifestazione (Tel. 040 6724911)

info: ilas@sissa.it – tel. 040 3787401