Erasmus Policy statement (EPS)

Erasmus Policy statement (EPS)

Dichiarazione di strategia Erasmus 2021/2027

Conservatory of Trieste aims to make music the key point of an international knowledge system based on scientific and pedagogical research. It works developing international cooperation to guarantee the highest number of mobilities in terms of exchanges of people, ideas, skills, opportunities and good practises. It seeks to foster these elements and to encourage the diversity and dynamism with which they are pursued in different institutions, countries and regions. Cooperative events contribute to develop not only artistic practice, learning and teaching, but also sectors as e-learning, growth in scientific and pedagogical research with longlife-learning spirit. It is necessary to work at the same time to develop software and research to reinforce and extend new-technologies to facilitate cooperation activities, as LOw LAtency project. The purpose is to develop musical excellences thanks to knowledge as resource. Conservatory of Trieste promotes a vast international mobility plan which actually ranks it among the best High Education Institute in Italy for exchanges. Offering exchange experiences is the purpose to make Erasmus+ essential for participants’ careers. The aim is to involve every year about 150 exchanges both in UE and extra-UE Countries, to complete the period 2021-2027 with a thousand of participants, respecting the principles of non-discrimination and ensure equal access and opportunities to participants from all backgrounds. ConTS would like to continue to be a reference point for exchanges with positive repercussions for international cooperation. Moreover ConTS is working to increase both Erasmus (as KA1, SWING - Synergic Work Incoming New Goals -, Europe in C), and extra-Erasmus projects (as the Canadian Agreement for Students exchanges, Italia-Serbia joint master degree, tARTini Interreg project, Central Europe Music Academy Network, Global Music Education League), focusing on the principle that exchanges make reality more rich in terms of skills and European Identity: strengthening the understanding of artistic research means promoting deeper musical engagement.

In the aim of Conservatorio of Trieste international exchanges are the hearth of lifelong-learning: people can enrich themselves both travelling and stay at home, if the spirit of the Institute is international. This is why Conservatory of Trieste wants to make mobility experiences KA1 as normal part of the curriculum studiorum of its students, both in and out-coming. At the same time, teacher and staff KA1 mobilities are fundamental to encourage students’ mobility and improve skills and competences marketable in Institute activities and not only. Comparison between different backgrounds is a big opportunity to discuss the present and plan the future. Actually about 30% of Staff and 10% of Students make an Erasmus experience during the career. ConTS want to increase these numbers facilitating as

more as possible physical, psychological and objective complexities: this is why there is a qualified International Staff to make this possible respecting ECHE principles. Erasmus exchanges are the key to grow in terms of skills for scientific and pedagogical research in the field of music, with the co-participation of experts and young generations.

The International Office Staff works to find the right people to increase projects and investigating, advocating and disseminating innovative practices. Future projects comprehends also a joint master degree between Conservatory of Trieste and Novi Sad Academy (Serbia): experimental phase will start on November 2021 and Conservatory of Trieste is going to participate at KA2 Call – joint master degree on 2022/2023 Call. It will be a real innovation step for both Academies, and ConTS is still hard working on it. Erasmus Virtual Exchanges is a precious way to improve Erasmus participation in both blended and physical mobility or to give Erasmus’ chance to people who cannot participate: Conservatory of Trieste is working to make blended mobilities another Erasmus opportunity to all students.